About Us

Oolalaaa is the first and the unique dating website which uses both the concept of stable matching and also the only dating website which redistributes some of the money it makes to the users of the website. 

The term “Stable matching” is a fancy game theory jargon which essentially means that we match people based on their mutual preference in such a way that the match which is given to them is the best match they can achieve at the present time given the choices of other people in the system. For example imagine you are the average Joe and that you are interested in two people on this planet. One of these people is a famous celebrity who is herself in love with another celebrity which you are unaware off. The second person who you are interested in is your neighbor. Oolalaaa allows you to formalize your secretive rankings in a user friendly way while protecting your privacy. For example in this situation you would input the celebrity as your number 1 choice and your neighbor as your second choice. Provided your neighbor’s ranking is also favorable to such stable matching, the website would send both of you an email stating that you are each other’s stable match. In no circumstance your neighbor which is now your partner would realize that you had selected the celebrity as number 1 and that she is essentially your backup plan. Dignity is preserved, time saved and humiliation avoided.

This does not mean you ought to take action as a result of this email or give up forever the idea of seducing the celebrity but it gives you a critical useful information as to where you stand in this complex mutual selection system which encompasses the choices of millions of people.

In a situation where you would not get any stable match the algorithm would use the qualities of the people in your ranking to suggest new people to meet. For example, if the people on you have ranked are consistently of height range between 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 2, all aged between 23 and 27, the algorithm would look in your network of friends of friends people with similar features with higher weights set on the people you ranked higher.

You get your first ranking for free but any subsequent change of ranking is charged. The money is then redistributed to the people present in your ranking, so you can actual make some money depending on how popular you are by just staying on the website. The money you make is of course only access

Here are few success stories:

Pradeep and Ami:

"In our culture, it is considered good taste to meet your lifepartner quite quickly and discreetly. If you add to this the fact that, before we met,  we were both very busy in our lives and having both passed 30 we were looking for efficient and descreet way of finding our life partners. Oolalaaa was the perfect tool for us. Many thanks! " 

Brian and Lucie:

“We had been having a crush on each other for 4 years but when we met the timing was not right. Lucie was coming out of a long seriously relationship and I was not mature enough. We had been unfortunatelly stuck into this friend zone and would have never been able to get out of it if it wasn't for Oolalaaa."

Hugo and Goli:

“This thing is absolutelly genius"

Marie and Stefan:

”Believe it or not Oolalaaa allows me to keep an eye on my womanizing of a husband"